Real-world examples of measurable project results

Metal processing

  • 30% increase in line efficiency without
    a single new hire
  • Considerable raw material waste reduction achieved (equivalent to cost of 300% of the workforce)


  • Building an improvement idea
    and innovation system for operator level
  • Engaging 1360 people in improvement idea system (instead of 38 participants earlier)
  • Significant increase in quantity
    and quality of the improvement ideas

Open pit mine

  • 10% production increase with no CAPEX
  • Savings of 4.5 mln EUR due
    to improvement projects
  • Zero serious safety incidents during the project (before: 2-3 lethal cases per year, many serious injuries)


  • Significant lowering of equipment stoppages, increasing availability
  • Savings of 3.5 mln EUR due
    to improvement projects linked
    to improved processes an systems


  • 15% of production efficiency increase, no new line CAPEX needed
  • 21% reduction in raw material (API) waste


  • Increasing performance by 14% with
    no CAPEX investment
  • Building a transparent management and reporting system
  • Lowering losses of auxiliary materials by 25%

Steel mill

  • Reduction of defect rateto 1% (equivalentto 1 million EUR)
  • Savings of 3 mln USD due
    to reorganization of spare-parts management processes
  • Shortening maintenance stoppage time and maintenance errors/corrections by 34%

Steel mill

  • Significant shortening the new plant start-up time, requiring 45% performance increase
  • Savings of 8 mln EUR due
    to re-organizing of (raw) materials management


  • 46% increase in performance due
    to re-organizing the shop floor
    and changing the motivation system
  • 23% decrease in delays of product delivery to customers
  • 52% decrease in number of quality problems

Food processing

  • Changeover and setup time reduction
  • 50% increase in productivity due
    to implementation of improvement projects

Food processing

  • 28% increase in performance due
    to work reorganization
  • Material waste reduction equivalent
    to cost of 30% of the workforce

Food processing

  • Increasing equipment availability
    by 9% points
  • Lowering spare parts stock by 25%
  • Improving maintenance work quality
    & lowering machine failure rates